We all face multiple challenges in our lives. These can be for example to assume a family life as a parent or as a child, to run a business, to fulfill our duties as an employee or even to meet the expectations that those around us could have towards us. All of these challenges that life puts in our way can be incredibly rewarding, but sometimes these challenges give rise to deep questioning: Am I up to it? Do I have enough skills? Am I going to be criticized for my way of doing or being?
These questions are completely legitimate and above all, they affect us all! Whether you are the boss of dozens of employees or you are a stay-at-home mom; absolutely everyone faces great challenges at some point in their life.
What if these difficulties were not your enemies but your allies? What if these difficulties happen to be opportunities to see and approach things differently?

Generally, we face these situations by applying known strategies: I react as I always did! Throughout our lives, we have acquired certain skills that we use to cope with the difficulties encountered. However, it is likely that our strategies will plunge us tirelessly into the same patterns … and the problem is repeated.

Some of our behaviors can be conditioned by our education, by our past experiences, by the eyes of others, or simply by the image we have of ourselves. Most of these remain unconscious mechanisms.

We can then question ourselves and wonder who we really are. Do my life and my personality really correspond to what I am deep inside? Are my choices mine or the ones I take to please those around me? Do I really like my work?

We often feel trapped in roles that are not ours. This is regularly accompanied by an impression of not living “your dream life”. To miss out on happiness.

What if I told you that you are capable of much more? That happiness is not far away. You have the potential to live the life you’ve always dreamed of, just making the right decisions. To allow yourself to live your life! The one that is unique to you and intrinsically linked, since always.

Very often, we forget the global and holistic dimension of our being. We forget that even if we embody one of our facets at some point (mom, dad, business manager, etc.), we are much more than that, at all times. Now is the time to reconnect with who you really are. Our deep being only requires to be seen, heard and recognized. “It” especially asks to serve us in order to offer us the most satisfying life possible.

My mission is to accompany you throughout this process which will lead you to a return to SELF. We will discover together how to use different tools drawn from, among other things, psychosynthesis.

In my life journey, I have come to familiarize myself with different approaches such as meditation, so-called “alternative” care and healing or the various teachings related to the practice of yoga. Today, I can say that I have found inner balance and harmony in my daily life. My greatest wish is to share all of this with you so that your inner happiness can be reflected on the outside.

Do not hesitate to contact me for more information. This support can be done remotely by videoconference or in person, in a dedicated room or in kind. All the tools offered can be used from the comfort of your home, requiring only an open, curious mind and good will.

With lots of love,